Part A: How would you describe your managerial style during an interview with a new CFO that was hired? The CFO wants to get to know his Department Directors so this is your opportunity to tell him about you. The CFO is your boss. Which management theory best explains the managerial style you described? Include information on how you serve as a negotiator in your management role.
Part B: At Good Health Care Systems, a new electronic medical record is being implemented. This is an upgrade of the one that has been used for the past five years. There are many employees who are not happy about this change. As the manager, what will you do to facilitate the employees’ transition? You can write a paper for this exercise.
Part C: Find a position description for a Director of HIM. Make a list of the activities that the director has responsibility and determine each activity that can be classified in terms of each of the five management functions, the three manager’s skills, and Mintzberg’s management roles.