Leadership and organizational dynamics



Select ONE topic from the following list of modular sub topics and select a practice development
initiative that relates directly to this main topic.
1. Partnership development
2. Team building
3. Change management
4. Coaching
5, Action Learning Sets
This assignment builds on the previous assignment for this module and must address the following
1. Provide a rationale for the selection of both the above topic area and the specific practice
development initiative chosen. Support your argument for the selection with an account of
your experience in this area and relate this to appropriate literature in the context of
leadership. the particular topic area and practice areas. For example. if team building is the
topic. include current literature on this topic and if the initiative is about building a team to
introduce a new clinical skills / patient care initiative/ new service development – consider
what is the current evidence to support this change in practice as well as the literature on
team development and leadership theory.
2. Critically analyse your leadership role in the process using relevant literature to support
your leadership behaviours.
3. Using an appropriate methodology, specify how your particular practice development
initiative may be evaluated.