leadership areas required for advancing HRD

Week 6 Assignment

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Week 6 Assignment
addressing leadership areas required for advancing HRD. The areas that we will cover include accountability, planning, strategy, and policy. These
areas involve senior HRD level professionals.
Please answer each question individually and in detail. Please utilize the reference materials provided. Chapters 16-18.
1. Illustrate your understanding of the differences between strategic planning and scenario planning?
2. Compare and contrast strategic and nonstrategic HRD practices
3. What are some possible reasons for using metrics in HRD?
4. Justify HRD’s role in workforce planning in its host system.
5. In your own words, describe the three strategic roles of HRD then give an example of the role that appeals to you.
6. Briefly describe each approach of the metrics approach to accountability.

Swanson, R. A., & Holton, E. F. III (2009). Foundations of Human Resource
Development (2nd ed.). San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler. Chapters 16-18