Leadership challenges in multinational/multicultural organizations.

Leadership challenges in multinational/multicultural organizations.
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2. Your report should clearly contain 3 main sections: Introduction , Literature Review , Summary.

3. Produced figures and tables should be at the centre of the page with a clear title and figure/table number (i.e Table 1 / Figure 1).

4. Referencing / Plagiarism

a. At the end of your report, you should give a list of all references you have read and used in your report, these include all web-sites, books, conference research papers, and journal articles that you used in collecting the required secondary data.

b. Inside your report, you should reference all text taken from these references.

c. Follow Harvard System Referencing.

d. If you take any information from an outside resource (secondary data) without referencing, you will be considered committing Plagiarism which means STEALING what is not your work or text. In such case your project will be rejected and you will be given no grade for the project.

e. Please attach a turn-it-in signed and stamped report to your project. The similarity percentage should not exceed 15%!

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