Leadership, communication, and teaching-learning principles

Working with Others: A Position Paper Presentation
This assignment supports the following objectives:
• CO3: Relate leadership, communication, and teaching-learning principles to the delegation of nursing care.
• CO4: Implement effective critical thinking and problem solving skills in the planning and prioritizing of nursing care for multiple clients.
• CO5: Apply critical thinking skills to case scenarios involving leadership and collaboration as part of the interdisciplinary health team.
• CO7: Relate ethical and legal standards to the clinical leadership role of the practical nurse.
• Ten to twelve slide lecture presentation including a slide for both the title slide and reference slide and a note section for each slide.
• Submit project using proper file naming convention: PNR205_week11_assign_jsmith_mmddyyyy.
Assignment details:
From the perspective of an instructor, create a PowerPoint presentation that could be used in a lecture for PN students that explains the act of delegation within the scope of the PN role.
Perform the following tasks:

  1. Read pages 1-18 of the NCSBN’s “Working with Others: A Position Paper” (Click Here to View)
  2. Create a PowerPoint presentation
    a. Total of 10-12 slides.
    b. Include a title slide and a reference slide.
    c. Prepare a notes section for each slide that contains core lecture content to be conveyed by the presentation.
    d. Include visuals (images, charts, tables, etc.) that will help explain the information.
    e. Minimum of two references.
  3. Upload the presentation to the Position Paper Presentation area in Blackboard during Week 11.