Leadership & Motivation

Leadership & Motivation ;

This exercise is intended to enable you to learn a great deal about leadership in practice, and to help develop your own leadership potential. You are required to submit a 3,500 word assignment on your leadership and/or motivation experiences, reflecting on and incorporating material covered in this subject and showing applications of it to your own leadership behavior and experiences.
The emphasis of the assignment must be on the analysis, rather than on just describing the situation. Linkages to course materials, theories, models and literature must be clear and extensive, and sources must be referenced (including any URLs and acknowledging sources of any graphics). The assignment must show both understanding of the relevant theoretical material from the course and its applications to the real world. To be eligible for a high grade, the assignment needs to be analytical, critical of the theories and concepts where appropriate, well researched, and clearly showing linkages between theories and models to the leadership and motivation events being discussed.
Choice of leadership events: The choice of leadership events to analyze in this assignment is wide ranging, and could apply to your past, present or future. Examples, which should all, use the models, concepts and other materials from this subject during the analysis:

TOPIC:  you are moving into a new position, you might choose to develop a leadership plan for yourself using materials from leadership theiories. From a IT firm management to prorperty development project management position.
Assessment criteria include:
•    •  Range of leadership & motivation topics addressed
•    •  Depth of analysis rather than description
•    •  Clear linkages between course material and applications
•    •  Demonstration of understanding of how to apply research and theory
•    •  Showing linkages between different theories and research outcomes and your topic
•    •  Clear writing style and expression (typos & poor grammar lose marks)
•    •  Critical or original thinking
•    •  Appropriate referencing of sources
•    •  Coherent argumentation supporting your conclusion
•    •  Drawing conclusions
•    •  Overall presentation.