Leadership Poster


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Project title: Leadership Poster

Program: BBA7023

Course: Leadership

Due dates: 23 05.2018

Project Overview: The Poster will enhance and sharpen the students’ leadership skills and actions, both in critical and reflective understanding. Each student is firstly to critically compare and contrast two leaders that they have dealt with. They need then to extract good qualities and state how they would put these to use in the hospitality industry.

Overall Aim: To develop new knowledge and future actions that are constructed based on insights and experiences of realizing leadership potential.Students are to produce an academic poster

Learning Outcomes (from the CRS or syllabus):
1. Predict how the various leadership styles can be applied in real life situations.
2. Consciously establish leadership concepts and theories versus real life business scenarios.
3. Understand your own leadership style and potential
4. Use skills to assimilate, organize, evaluate and present information in a professional manner.

The Poster is designed on the five significant areas of leadership development framework as outlined below:
(i) To attend to the changing context and demands of current and potential leadership roles and indicated expectations and realities that the world of learning, work and business opportunities face.
(ii) To develop professional skills and demonstrate how these influences leadership goals and underscore assumptions about business environments.
(iii) To examine their personal and leadership intentions based on their core values, and to be aware how their values shape the choices and decisions of their working environments.
(iv) To develop self-and group awareness skills as a leader and demonstrate how their work gives a distinctive style.

Organization& Methodology:
Students will produce an academic poster of approximately 800 words illustrating the roles of two notable leaders with a focus on studying leadership theories, evaluations and assessments with specific focuses on contexts and work domains. The assessment requires reflecting on theoretical propositions in leadership aligning these with leaders in our world and evaluating the significance of their input towards the economic, political and social wellbeing of our planet.The poster should demonstrate the students’ awareness of roles of power in leadership of possibilities to manipulate followers or to facilitate followers’ organizational learning. The final output of each student poster will indicate an eagerness to determine a range of leadership theories, principles and practices in professional context.The poster should conclude with practical recommendations and goals or next steps to advancementin their leadership roles.

Resources available:
GIHE library and referenced resources
Leadership Textbook, classroom discussions and handouts

Tasks & Weighting:
The Poster represents 60% of the total leadership course grade and evaluates the student’s understanding of leadership knowledge using behavioral leadership theories, using critical and reflective analysis.

Assessment Criteria:

Project Tasks and Weighting Tutor Grade
Introduction background to the leaders
Evaluation of Leadership Theories
Selection and use of twocontradictory leadership theories
Interpretation of Leaders
Two leaders and the assessment of their styles in connection with all the concepts learned during the course.)ex communication, values, vision, mission and the two above chosen leadership styles 25
Critical reflection of Leadership Practice
Limits of the assessment and evaluation of the potential as well as recommendations and constructive feedback
Innovative reflection on future leadership styles 10

TOTAL over 100 marks
100 / 100
Mark out of 10 / 10

Common Skills developed/Assessed:

MANAGING AND DEVELOPING 4. Transferable skills gained to new and changing situations and contexts 5. Uses a range of thought processes
WORKING WITH AND RELATING TO OTHERS 6. Treats other’s values, beliefs and opinions with respect 7. Relates and interacts objectively with individuals and groups
COMMUNICATING 9. Receives and responds to a variety of information 11. Communicates in writing 12. Participates in oral and non-verbal communication
MANAGING TASKS AND SOLVING PROBLEMS 13. Uses information sources 15. Identify and solves routine and non routine problems
APPLYING NUMERACY AND TECHNOLOGY 17. Uses a range of technological equipment and systems

Special instructions:
Your project is to be presented in the form of an academic poster that will then be uploaded to Moodle turnit in.

To access a free poster please go to: http://www.posterpresentations.com/html/free_poster_templates.html