Leadership Research Paper


While the idea of servant leadership has been around for quite some time, it has only recently gained the attention of academics and mainstream practitioners. Due to its holistic nature, some argue that servant leadership is the key to addressing the leadership crisis that we currently face. Do you agree with this statement? Using Sendjaya et al.’s (2008) servant leadership framework, your task is to briefly review the literature on servant leadership and explore the benefits as well as disadvantages of such a leadership style across both organisational and individual levels. You should also include organisational examples to support your argument. This is an academic essay, and as such you must rely on sources to back up your propositions or arguments. Please note that the use of 10 peer reviewed academic journal articles are required for you to pass the assignment A list of good, high-quality academic journals are provided, but this list is not exhaustive: Academy of Management Review Academy of Management Journal Asia Pacific Journal of Management Journal of Applied Psychology Journal of Business Research Journal of Business Ethics Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies Journal of Management Journal of Management Studies Journal of Organizational Behavior Leadership Leadership and Organizational Development Journal Leadership Quarterly Personnel Psychology