Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing



Study the following situation and develope p a written plan. Write down your analysis and describe your management approach based on the given sccnano. All analysis and proposed actions must be backed up with ntanagernent theories taught in this module. Other additional theoretical backups can add credit. In p 1tiT work.


The Sieuottog
Siu-Mel. a 16 year-old Health Care Assistant (HCAl was transferred in to your geriatric ward last weeks. Despite she has worked in the same hospital isuigical %%artist for 9 months, she is noted to be performing unsansfactonly in your ward. Last week she nearly choked a patient to death when feeding him breakfast and she almost dropped a patient on the floor when giving bed bath to him. When being interviewed by the shift in-charge, she could not see bow serious the mistakes she had made. She did not consider her patient care skills were poor and inadequate. Her sick leave rate is noticeably higher in the last three weeks. especially on public holidays, giving reasons of back pain, feeling headache and dizziness. Last week. some patients and relatives complained her for reluctance to respond to call bells. Colleagues in the saint ward were gossiping about her little commitment to work as a team. Some colleagues found Sm-Slei was difficult to work with and some expressed dislike to be put on the same shift to work with her. Your supervisor is aware of the situation
Graduating from this course. you have Just been appointed to be one of the 1 RN shift- in-charges of the ward starting next week. Your supervisor has invited you for a discussion on how to imprint Sin-Niers performance and the ward situation subsequent to her performance. How would you prepare yourself to take up this mission? Please submit an action plan on this.