Leadership styles in relation to the leader’s role and influence in an organization

Write an essay 3500 words, you are a pharmacist and you work in Al Adan Hospital (provide some information about Al Adan Hospital in Kuwait), so you are the leader and you have a vision and new Idea was not available in Kuwait this idea is a consultation room, and you used Belbin team roles to manage your team. So, write the reasons for your Idea (consultation room, and why you need or the reasons of consultation room) and why you choose Belbin roles and how do you chose your team and name your team for example (pharmacist, nurse, doctor,…etc). and according to the Belbin, you are a Completer finisher (what’s that mean and what is your skills as a Completer finisher). So, you need other members such as, Shaper, plant, co-ordinator, team worker, etc. what is your principles to choose your team and what the skills should they have?
What’s is your plan and vision and how you can make a good team according to the Belbin role to achieve your vision and What problems and obstacles you may face and how you can overcome them by leading the team.