Learning Activities (Jetstar Airways)

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The best strategies often failed not because they weren’t good strategies, but because they weren’t implemented properly. One of the most important aspects of implementing a good strategy is ensuring that the organization or company is designed in such a way that will properly support the strategic plan. In Week 4, you identified a generic strategic direction for a selected organization. In Week 5, you narrowed down that strategic direction and identified possible alternative strategies. From that pool of alternative strategies, you further narrowed down to ONE specific strategy to implement. In this learning activity, you are required to: Requirement 1: Mention the same focal company/organization that you analyzed in Week 3, 4, and 5 DQs, reiterate briefly that specific strategy and identify what type of organizational design (that is, the organizational structure) would best support that company/organization. Requirement 2: Provide a high-level overview of the organizational design and recommend an appropriate organizational structure for that focal company. Requirement 3: Explain in detail the organizational design or structure is expected to work in that focal organization or company. Requirement 4: Support the rationale of your explanation why that organizational design and recommended organizational structure would be fully aligned with (1) the identified strategic direction and (2) the specific strategy to be implemented. Requirement 5: Use the appropriate APA formatted Leo course materials, scholarly reference sources and corresponding in-text citations in all your postings. Week 6 Learning Activity 2 In addition to the organizational design, there are several other internal factors that can cause a good strategy to fail: top-level management, middle-level management, operations department, marketing department, finance department, research and development (R&D) department, and management information systems (MIS) department issues. You are required to: Requirement 1: Review your response to Learning Activity # 1, and determine which two out of these additional internal factors could cause that specific strategy to fail in that focal company or organization. Requirement 2: Clearly identify these two internal factor(s) specific to that focal company or organization. Requirement 3: Explain in detail with three underlying reasons why each of these two internal factors could cause the above-mentioned strategy to fail during its implementation phase at that specific company or organization. (That is, 3 reasons for each factor x 2 internal factors = 6 reasons) Requirement 4: Support the rationale of your explanation Requirement 5: Use the appropriate