Learning and development

Critically conduct a learning/ training needs analysis in an operational area of an organisation of your choice that you believe may have some skills or knowledge gaps and devise

In order to complete the task, you will need to undertake the following:

• Research the various methods that could be used when conducting a learning/ training needs analysis (such as ADDIE).

• Evaluate the effectiveness of your identified method of identifying the learning/training needs, in particular, providing a critical discussion of the effectiveness of method in improving organisational performance

• Critically analyse the skills/knowledge gap identified and provide a training plan which outlines the ways in which the organisation can address the gaps in question. Within your training plan, you should identify the strengths of your chosen solution and any limitations/threats to its success and any resource implications.

• Identify the role that the learning/training function within the organisation will play in ensuring that the training is designed, implemented and evaluated.