learning points

learning points

Order Description

1- do a summary of the case study attached
2- learning points of each of the following diagnosis

• perforated acute peptic ulcer
• Helicobacter pylori positive
• hypertension
• Gout
• Hypercholesterolemia
• Nondependent alcohol abuse episodic drinking behavior

Patient is a 60 year old Italian retired school teacher,  who still performs some teaching labor on the side. The main source of  his income comes from a state

teacher’s pension, additional income comes from his wife, who works in a  local grocery store. They are getting by, however, they allege do not always have enough

money to go traveling. They both make $ 50,000 per year. The patient has access to the health system,  and he performs regular check up visits with his primary

physician around three to four times per year.
Patient considers  that he has a good and healthy lifestyle, patient denies any stress situation at this time that is affecting his well-being, despite the

pain he is experiencing now due to gout, he feels that he has a good life and is hoping that something can be done to treat him, he refers he likes to go the his

primary care physician but he sees it more as a social event.
Patient refers he walks one or two days a week, he also is aware about his needs to do more physical activity, but his detrimental pain condition secondary

of having gout problems, prevents  him from increasing physical activity. Patient and wife would like to be more active, but due to the pain they are in, they do not

think that will be possible.
Client is aware that he has health problems but not sure what it could be. He self medicates with OTC drugs for heartburn symptoms. He does not comply with

all prescribed medication regimen and over-medicates for gout problems. He also decided to take Saint John’s wort as an alternative medication for depression problems.

Client takes walks a couple times during the week to relieve any feelings of anxiety and for exercise. Client claims that he feels like he is having heart problems but

does not feel the need to change lifestyle. He does visit his primary care physician regularly but it feels like a social event for him. Patient does not take

advantage of community resources available nearby. Client drinks alcohol every night and sometimes in excess.


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