Learning the techniques of sculpture



Short of the actual experience of sculpting a work of art yourself, the best method for learning the techniques of sculpture is to explain them to someone else. In this activity, you will be
building on your reading in Chapter 3 and the study of the accompanying PowerPoint by watching sculptors at work in various You Tube videos. From this, you will then be able to explain a particular
type of sculpture to your fellow students.

From the following links, choose one of the following types of sculpture: subtractive, constructive, substitutionary, or manipulative.


• Marble face [Video file][5 min 55 sec]
• Wood free form [Video file][7 min 27 sec]
• Wood owl (chainsaw) [Video file][3 min 26 sec]


• Clay horse
º Part 1 [Video file][15 min 23 sec]
º Part 2 [Video file][10 min 46 sec]
• Clay head [Video file][5 min 20 sec]


• Wire horse
º Part 1 [Video file][4 min 06 sec]
º Part 2 [Video file][4 min 31 sec]
º Part 3 [Video file][4 min 37 sec]
º Part 4 [Video file][4 min 48 sec]

• Wire scorpion
º Part 1 [Video file][7 min 28 sec]
º Part 2 [Video file][2 min 37 sec]
º Part 3 [Video file][3 min 21 sec]
• Pottery tea set [Video file][4 min 34 sec]
• Pottery bamboo vase [Video file][18 min 05 sec]


• Bronze casting Buddha [Video file][10 min 19 sec]
• Bronze axe head [Video file][2 min 50 sec]

Using the links provided, watch the videos for the type of sculpture you selected. You may want to explore other available videos as well. For this discussion activity, assume the role of
instructor and teach this basic information of this type of sculpture to your peers. Do the following:

• Write a one-page (minimum 3 substantial paragraphs) description and explanation of what you learned. Craft the explanation for your hypothetical class of beginners.

• Remember to point out not only techniques, but also the effects the techniques are intended to produce.

Once you have submitted your post, read and critically respond to a minimum of two explanations posted by your fellow students. In your responses, answer the following questions:

• What did you learn about the type of sculpture, technique, etc.?
• What was important to learn about the piece, which was not addressed?
• How did you react to the piece aesthetically? Did the explanation in the post enhance your aesthetic appreciation?