Leaving The Motel

Leaving The Motel

Paper details:
In the space provided, write a 3 paragraph essay exploring either the theme, or the topic, or the tone of the poem that I uploaded. You should use at least 3 of the terms included in the reading to illustrate ways “poetic language”—metonymy, personification, simile, metaphor, irony, and the others reinforce the theme, or the topic, or the tone. Be sure you mention the author and poem in the introductory paragraph, where you should also hint at the ideas you will explore. Do have a thesis.
Your middle paragraph should cite and explain in detail any lines you quote.
Your concluding paragraph should re-cap (in different terms) the thesis, and re-state (also in different terms) the main points, while it ties off the discussion

Leaving The Motel

Outside, the last kids holler
Near the pool: they’ll stay the night.
Pick up the towels; fold your collar
Out of sight.

Check: is the second bed
Unrumpled, as agreed?
Landlords have to think ahead
In case of need,

Too. Keep things straight: don’t take
The matches, the wrong keyrings–
We’ve nowhere we could keep a keepsake–
Ashtrays, combs, things

That sooner or later others
Would accidentally find.
Check: take nothing of one another’s
And leave behind

Your license number only,
Which they won’t care to trace;
We’ve paid. Still, should such things get lonely,
Leave in their vase

An aspirin to preserve
Our lilacs, the wayside flowers
We’ve gathered and must leave to serve
A few more hours;

That’s all. We can’t tell when
We’ll come back, can’t press claims,
We would no doubt have other rooms then,
Or other names.