LeBron James Case


Read two articles, the first one is “LeBron James Case”(I attach the document below), and the

second article website is http://realcavsfans.com/community/index.php?threads/lebron-inc-the-


After reading these two articles, please answer the following four questions:
1. If you were Maverick Carter, which of the three videogame endorsement opportunities (if any)

would you pursue? Why?
2. How would you describe the brand “LeBron James”? What would be your approach to marketing LeBron

James if you were running LRMR?
3. Does LRMR revolutionize the world of sports marketing? If so, in what way? And do you subscribe

to LRMR’s vision? In your view, what should be the company’s priorities?
4. If you were advising LeBron James, would you have recommended against him firing his agent and

setting up his own marketing company? What does James’ decision to purse a new model tell us about

marketing superstar athletes?