Lee County Florida Community Assessment

Assess and develop a proposed community health nursing intervention to meet an identified need and/ or gap in your own community. Assessment of the community is the first step to identifying the need or gap in which a community health nurse can intervene. The intervention must be within the scope of the staff level public health/ community health nurse. (Note: you cannot propose building facilities or purchasing a mobile health van). The intervention should demonstrate your application of previous learning in the program related to process improvement and evidence-based nursing practice. Quality peer-reviewed references are required to support the need as well as the structure, elements, and evaluation of the intervention.

Focus on your own local community. You will use resources found in CANVAS, FSW library, and the web to develop this project. Note that census and other epidemiological data is not available down to zip codes or census tracts in Florida- only by county and/ city.

Part One, Community Assessment:

Collect relevant data about your community by completing Parts 1 -5 of the Community Health Nursing Assessment Tool. The Community Data Collection Tool, Parts 1-5 will be submitted in Week 4 of the course. Include references to support the data collected. The Community Health Nursing Assessment Tool is located below and in Course Resources in CANVAS Modules. The form is a tool to assist as you collect and organize data and information about your community.

After collecting data using the tool, summarize the findings in a paper. This will build Part 6 of the Community Data Collection Tool. This is a scholarly paper with appropriate use of tables