Legal Analysis Memorandum

Pretend you are a new associate attorney at a criminal law firm in Annapolis, Maryland. Using the criminal statutes and specific case links provided below, submit a three to five page internal memorandum to your supervising attorney identifying and evaluating the legal issues raised in the factual scenario and applying any applicable law set forth in those cases. For purposes of the assignment, you should assume the statutes provided apply. In addition to the materials provided and your class materials, include at least one secondary source to support your explanation of the issues of this fact pattern or to support your legal opinion. No other material should be used for this assignment.
The memorandum should address the following questions: (1) Is the evidence seized within the residence and on the client and other occupants admissible against our client in the pending criminal trial; and (2) Is the evidence sufficient to convict him of distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and/or wearing, carrying and/or transporting a handgun. (use of firearm in connection with drug trafficking crime).
Structure the body of your memo to the supervising attorney using the IRAC method:

I. Facts — Summarize the material facts as set forth in the memorandum from the supervising attorney

II. Issue: State the specific legal questions to be addressed in the memorandum

III. Rule: Using the cases provided and your class materials, identify and explain any legal standards, rules and procedures applicable to resolving the issues raised.

IV. Analysis: Evaluate the legal issues raised by applying the identified legal standards, rules and procedures to the specific facts of the scenario.