Legal Environment of Business

Question 1:

You have been employed for the past 5 years by the same company. Being a valuable employee, you have been one of the top performers in your department and have no disciplinary actions against you. The company has been profitable during that time and you hear from loyal customers that you are one of the reasons that they frequent the company. You decide that you want to ask your boss for a raise.

What strategies would you use to negotiate a raise? (In addition to the strategies contained in the article by Harvard Law School on D2L, feel free to discuss any other strategies that you have found to be successful). Question 2: (5 points) Based on the hypothetical above, what strategies would you avoid when negotiating a raise? (Again, feel free to discuss any strategies that you believe would not be successful).

Question 3:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates many aspects of e-commerce, including electronic communications, online advertisements, and consumer privacy. In June 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled that states may impose sales tax on e-commerce sales on businesses that do not have a physical presence within the states’ boundaries. If the business has a clear connection to state consumers and generate a certain threshold of sales, a state can collect sales tax.

How does this ruling relate to the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution?