Liberalism and Democracy

Search for a peer-reviewed article on certain topic and apply your critical thinking analysis on the selected article.

Provide a full and correct bibliographic citation of the article you will be analyzing using the APA format. Note that the article should be a peer- reviewed article published between 1975 and now.
Identify and summarize the author’s thesis. You may quote the thesis statement if you find a single sentence that sums it up, but you still need to summarize it in your own words. You need to Paraphrase!
Summarize the arguments used by the author to support the thesis.
Explain and critique the findings that are presented by the author. Did the author make strong and compelling arguments to support the thesis? Does the theory (if any) used is relevant to the topic?
Write a short paragraph (5 or 6 sentences) indicating how valuable (or not) you think that the article is as a piece of scholarship. This section will be your personal opinion about the article, whether you think this article contributes to the wider study of International Relations and specifically of the main argument (i.e. Democracy and the Middle Class).