Lidl (UK) – Implementation of a Lidl’s shopping service

Part 1

Using the specific operations performance objectives it can be argued that LIDL UK is
focussed on satisfying its customers’ requirements for fast and dependable services at
a reasonable market price, through strategic partnerships that assist its customers to
improve the services they offer- Specifically you should:

0 Outline the essential components for ‘effective business operations management’
(creating value for the customer) for LIDL’s operation within the UK

0 Use a soft systems methodology to evaluate the issues LIDL UK might face if they
decide to introduce hybrid facilities to allow their customers to continue shopping in
store, as well as ‘order goods online and have these delivered to the door’ to compete
in the market place. Support your discussion with appropriate business operations
models Ge. operation strategy performance (priorities) model, customer value, the
service gap model, four v’s profile etc).

0 compare and contrast different models used by the sector in which LJDL
UK operates and recommend appropriate solutions to continue being competitive in
the market, make easier for customers to select and buy their products (issues to
consider centralised/decentralised inventory and delivery chain, customer value chain,
cost implications, sustainability etc.)

0 Comparison of different solutions with costing and choose one solution to take
forward with reasoning.

Part 2

Include Root Definition, CATWOE and produce a
detailed “Rich Picture” (hand drawn) to fully illustrate your answer. Your rich picture
must indicate the problems well as the solution. (Not included in the word count).

By means of a Business Process Plan (BPP) illustrate the changes including “AS IS”
and “TO BE”. Brief explanations of both plans are required and support your
discussions with relevant literature. You must follow the Business Process
Management (BPM) standards covered in the class- Part three is the implementation of
the new process (“TO BE”); failure not to include the BPP may result in marks not
awarded for part three

Part 3

Discuss how the managers would turn performance objectives into operations priorities
and the resources that would be necessary for effective implementation of the new
process (“TO BE” business process plan). (About six hundred words).

Using a Balanced Scorecard, discuss how the business performance can be measured
post implementation (refer to the last three years of company annual reports and any
other relevant data for improvement and target trends for UDL UK).

Your work should be referenced including in text referencing with appropriate literature
and form a logical and concise discussion-