LINUX & UNIX Problem

LINUX & UNIX Problem

Write a bash program to indent the code in a bash source file.


The source file will contain only printing characters, spaces, and newlines. It is not necessary to check for invalid input.
The source file will not contain comments (words beginning with #).


Read from standard input, write to standard output.
Code inside while statements should be indented 2 spaces.

Be sure your program includes all of the following:

comments with your name, the date, and the assignment
comments with instructions for using the program
descriptive names and/or comments explaining variables & functions
indentation of code blocks (in your source)
comments explaining any non-obvious control flow

The program is due Sunday Jan 03 at midnight. Submit your program by email on our class server with:
mail -s ‘assignment 2’ stuart < source-file

where source-file is the name of your program file.


think about the structure of your data and logic before you write any code
start with the smallest possible amount of code
make sure your existing code works before adding new code
add the smallest possible amount of new code, then test again
output variable values, loop counts, etc. for debugging
test your code with a variety of inputs
anticipate error conditions and handle them gracefully.