Listening Etiquette


  1. Secure three reputable, credible articles (books, sources, etc.) dated 2006 to 2019, which
    pertain to your oral report topic.
  2. Develop a “Reference” Page in APA style using the three sources.
  3. Provide, at the bottom of your Reference Page, the hyperlinks to all three articles/books on
    your Reference Page. DO NOT hyperlink the URLs within your reference entries!
  4. Use, if desired, your textbook as a supplemental source only (source #4). This source cannot
    comprise the majority of your research outline report information.
  5. Use only one Internet article. This guideline does not apply to articles obtained from The
    University of Memphis’ Academic Databases. DO NOT use Wikipedia or any other physical or
    online dictionary/ encyclopedia as a source. If you use a NET Library source (eBook), you
    cannot use another search engine Internet article. You are restricted to only one eBook.
  6. Make sure hyperlinks you provide at the bottom of the page for your sources takes the reader
    directly to your source with all the identifying information