Literary Analysis

Compose a 900-word essay on a central theme that appears in one of the selected readings: Candide or Faust. Select one of the following questions to respond to

Questions: Decisions and consequences in Faust: Goethe’s Faust is driven by the decision of its central character to sell his soul to the devil and the consequences that arise. What is Faust’s motivation? What drives him to make this deal? What does he hope to gain? What ultimately are the consequences of his actions? Character development in Candide: Voltaire’s character, Candide, is naively innocent to the corruptness of the world, and, as he comes of age, he struggles to remain optimistic. During his travels, Candide witnesses horrific acts of cruelty, natural disasters, and experiences human suffering. Afterwards, he questions the existence of a benevolent God. Given his experiences, does Candide remain optimistic at the end of the novel? How does his understanding of world and life change throughout the novel?