Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis Essay

Read Doubt: A Parable (Please do not just watch the movie. It is not entirely the same
as the play. I will know if you have read it or not and I will mark you down for it.
Choose ONE predominant focus to your paper. For example, you may want to write
about the different possible interpretations of the priest’s innocence or guilt based
upon the evidence in the play- Perhaps you’d rather do a character study of one of the
primary characters in the play, or examine the section comparing gossip to a feather
pillow- This focus will become your thesis for the essay-

After you have created a working outline, consult the library for outside sources that
may be helpful for you. Remember to cite any sources you use, including the play
itself, both within and at the end of your paper using MLA or APA style.

Explore the author and time period in which the play was set (1916). You may often
discover more about literature by learning a little more about the author.

Evaluate the play as related to the thesis you chose.PIease do NOT focus primarily
upon the plot. One to two paragraphs, if at all, possibly near the introduction of your
paper, shodd suffice as plot description. Organize the bulk of you essay aromd that
one predominant focus you have chosen to discuss.

On page one of your paper, type your name, LIT 2090, and the date in the upper left
comer, center the title, and begin your paper. Dorble space between all lines- You do