Literary Analysis of ″The Things They Carried″ by Tim O′Brein


I need a strong thesis statement and on strong body paragraph (not the introduction paragraph) that has paraphrasing and in text citation at least one of each but a total of 3. The thesis and
paragraph must be based upon the following – PROMPT 3. Consider the role of setting, or context, in one of the works. For example, a story that takes place in a wild and natural setting might
include characters struggling against nature to survive. A story set in a city might include themes of alienation and anonymity because of the impersonal crowds and busy city life. Cultural
contexts can combine with both urban and rural elements to produce further meaning, as well. Consider the following questions as you critically read one of the texts below: Does the protagonist
conflict with the setting or have particular interactions with it? Does the protagonist’s relationship with the setting connect with his/her development as a character? Does the setting reveal
other themes and conflicts?