Literary works


Discuss a major character, theme, or issue in one or more literary works of Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Emily Dickinson, E- A- Robinson, Langston Hughes, Maya
Angelou, Washington Irving, William Wordsworth, Henrik Ibsen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edgar Allan Poe, Hans Christian Andersen, or William Shakespeare- The
literary work (whether poem, short story, novel, or drama) is the primary source- Secondary sources are essays, articles, or books written by scholars or
literary critics about a particular literary work, or about several literary works, or about the author-


possible topics for your paper- 1) the theme of love in one or more fairy tales; 2) the character of Young Goodman Brown in Hawthome’s
story; 3) Young Goodman Brown’s experience in the forest; 4) the theme of good versus evil in “Cinderella”; 5) the power of endurance and resilience in
Snow-White” or in “Rapunzel”; 6) the presence of a noble and generous character in one or more fairy tales; 7) the theme of struggle and suffering in one or
more poems by Langston Hughes, or Maya Angelou, or Emily Dickinson; 8) the character of Nora in Ibsen’s drama “A Doll’s House”; 9) the relationship of
Nora and Helmer in Ibsen’s drama “A Doll’s House” 10) the theme of inner beauty in Hans Christian Andersen’s story ”The Ugly Duckling”; 11) the theme of
decay or death in one or more poems by Edgar Allan Poe; 12) the theme of love in one or more poems by William Shakespeare- These are merely