Chinua Achebe, in his novel, Things Fall Apart, examines many themes. For example, the arrival of the western missionaries, who introduces a new religion in Ibo society, greatly affects the native people, and of course, this new religion is a central theme in this novel. Religion is just an example of Achebe’s themes in this novel. Write a 10-page research paper about how generally things fall apart in Ibo society after the arrival of the missionaries.


_. You must write your paper in MLA format.

_. You must give adequate examples to support your arguments.

_. You must cite at least ten academic sources for your research material.

–. Research sources must be documented in the works cited page at the end of the paper.

**Above are professor’s instructions for a research paper. Please follow these instructions. Also, if possible provide me with the thesis statement by Friday to discuss it with my professor and proceed with writing the paper if he approved it. I will attach pdf contains the book “Things Fall Apart” which is the main source of the research. If anything is not clear please contact me ASAP. Thanks in advance.