Literature Circles

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Perspective tracker—Your task is to find at least six central quotations that represent what you learn about the author’s perspective from the chapter(s) you have read. Produce a handout for your colleagues including the quotations (properly cited using APA format) and a few sentences about each quotation explaining what it reveals.

Participant tracker—Your task is to identify participants other than the author in the chapter(s) you read, with quotations (properly cited using APA format) that reveal those other participants’ perspectives on the events (as implied by the author) and a few sentences about what they reveal.

Rhetoric Reviewer—You will identify at least two patterns you notice in the author’s style—the kinds of words the author uses (diction), the choices of images, the use of short or long sentences, the repetition of words or phrases (and so on). Type out a few examples of each pattern, and prepare questions to prompt your group to consider the effects of those choices on readers and how they might connect with the author’s purpose in that moment of the memoir.