Literature Review

Select a topic of interest relative to your preferred concentration. Research three peer-reviewed journal articles relative to that topic. Complete a literature review utilizing the following to evaluate each article selected:
0 The purpose or problem addressed by the study. Did the author mention the problem the study is addressing? 0 The sample population. Is the information about the sample population or subjects provided? 0 The key results of the study. Are the results of the study summarized? 0 The methodology. Were the steps conducted in the study discussed in the article? 0 The identified gaps of knowledge. Did the article include what was missing from the study? 0 Existing research. Does the article support or add to existing research specific to this topic?
Discuss why you selected this article. How is it relative to your topic? Journal article. What type of journal article did you select? (ie. a study, essay, opinion paper, or synthesis of past research)