literature review for research proposal

Topic: literature review for research proposal

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Below are the questions to answer.

1. What topic are you studying?
2. What specific aspect of it is of interest? For example, obesity is a topic, but a specific
aspect of interest is prevention of in children.
3. In a few sentences, provide background on topic of the research question and describe
why it is important.
4. What is your research question?
5. What have four other researchers discovered about your research question and how did
they study it?
6. Restate the research question and discuss variables you will study.
7. What is your hypothesis?
8. Why are you justified in making this hypothesis, based upon what is already known and
discussed above?
9. Why is your research question important to answer and what does it contribute to what is
already known? For example, will it fill a gap in the research on this topic, or are there practical applications of the research, such as improved treatments.
***In the first paragraph you answer the first four questions. Each article is discussed in a separate paragraph below that. The final paragraph answers questions six to ni