Literature Synthesis

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The intuitive reaction to ambiguity is to produce detailed specifications and elaborate instructions. Yet this approach may only cause additional confusion. A better approach may be to invoke
loose/tight control by specifying a few important parameters and then allowing employees to use their discretion.
Similarly, although conflict may be debilitating and time consuming, suppressing debate may do more harm than good. Although conflict may seem like an obstacle, it is also a transaction. (Recall,
groupthink is characterised by the absence of conflict.) Conflict can be healthy because it involves exchanging information, opinion, feeling and perspectives. Think back to Week 1. The biggest
problem in negotiating agreement amidst conflict is that everyone knows they are right. Without conflict and politics, there may be nothing to stop leaders from making bad decisions. Consider the
role of negotiation in the decision-making process as you review the literature for the week.

Critically evaluates key arguments from both a scholarly and a practitioner-oriented point of view;
Critiques underlying assumptions evident in the articles and identifies any new insights for practice and scholarship;