Live Performance Analysis

Live Performance Analysis

Select a live musical performance or concert.


Content: 700-1000 words

Describe of performance, date, location. Be sure to identify the titles of songs/music.
Research the type of music and the performers and apply this research to the analysis
Critique the performance in terms of quality and relationship to important musical criteria that you have learned in the course
Apply course concepts from the videos and Chapters; be sure to use citations (page numbers, video program, etc.
How was the experience meaningful
How did the experience add to your appreciation of music

!!!!!!Documentation: You must include references from the text and video programs in your critique. Apply your knowledge to this performance/concert.
Use the following text for references only!!!
(Exploring The World Of Music 2nd edition)
Find the video programs here:

Style: Your analysis should have an introduction, with a thesis; a body with documentation; and a conclusion which summarizes the main points. Be sure to be attentive to grammar and spellingAttach your notes from the performance to your analysis. This will require that you type your notes from the performance as a word document.