lmplicit PersonaltyTheory

critically examine the strengths and weaknesses of the study as well as examine the validity of the methods, findings and
conclusions- Answer the following questions in relation to your article (list each question and provide your answer; do not integrate the answers into
a cohesive essay):
1- Are the experimental metth adequately described? Were the experimental design and metth appropriate for the research question? Explain-
2- Was the target sample population appropriate for this study? Does the sample of this study allow for generalizability of results? Explain-
3- What measures were used to assess personality? Are the measurements valid and reliable? What other measures would you have liked to see
included in the study? Explain-
4- Are the procedures relevant, clear and appropriate? Is there enough detail in the procedures to enable replication? Explain-
5- Are the statistical metth appropriate for the data and research design? Explain-
6- Are the findings generalizable? To whom? What limitations exist in generalizing the findings? Explain-
7- Is the objective of the experiment appropriate, relevant and important for our understanding of personality and/or personality theory?
8- Were there important points, issues or ideas that were left out? Are there issues that you believe deserved greater attention?
9- Are the conclusions of the study appropriate? Has the author overemphasized or under-emphasized any findings?
10- What are the key strengths and weaknesses of this study?
11 – How does this research add to our understanding of personality or personality theory?
12- What is your opinion of the value of this study? Support your position-