Lucky Charm Landscaping

Proposal Overview The Proposal Overview section (suggested length of 2-4 pages) introduces the problem and overviews the solution. It contains the “road mar for the organization of the remainder of the paper. Describe the problem the project addresses and then provide an overview of the project and the organization of the paper. Summarize the capstone’s highlights. Include the following in your summary: Problem Summary
Summaries of the problem should include the context in which this problem exists. Summarize what will and will not be included in the project. Provide sufficient background information so that the reader can appreciate the need for a solution and the approach that will be taken in the project. IT Solution Describe the proposed IT solution to the problem. Clearly identify the relationship between the problem and the proposed solution. Implementation Plan This section should contain the details of an implementation plan. Provide details on the different phases (if applicable). Explain how the project will be carried out and why it will be carried out in that manner. Discuss the plan for implementing the project.