Luxury Brand Management and Events

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Luxury Brand Management and Events

Choose a luxury sector of your choice and write a luxury brand management event plan that uses strategic brand management theory and practice to analyse the current market, competition and brand position and brand equity. Evaluate the importance of the brand and outline the strategic decision-making you will execute as the brand manager and luxury event planner.

2. DC Microgrid

•The Business: Install DC Microgrids in residential areas, industrial zones or in remote un-eclectrified area.
•The target country is Saudi Arabia.
•The main competition around is Saudi Electric Company (SEC). t enjoys a monopoly on the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power in Saudi Arabia.

– Give an overview of the industry and the market to be served. Opportunity: I need to illustrate the business opportunity and how I will be able to capture the opportunity. I need to address the market size and the growth rate and support all findings with facts and numbers from reliable source (must cite references). I need to address the following questions as well:
1.Is this an existing market or a new market that I am creating?
2.Is the end user different from the economic buyer?
3.How did I go about segmenting my market?
4.What is my selected segment and what makes me believe that it is most profitable segment for my product?

determine my beachhead market and explain why I am able to dominate it in a relatively short period of time. If I win this segment, can I leverage it to enter additional segments?

mention the product attributes and form a basis of comparison against my direct and indirect competitors. For example, I need to explain how my product or service compare to other products? Quality? Price? Location?

Build a very detailed costumer profile and give at least one persona example. I should use the demographics from the end user profile to determine quantitatively how large my beachhead market is by calculating TAM.

Explain how my product is designed/developed to best fit my targeted customers’ need. A picture of the product, if applicable, would be a plus.