M1 D2 Death Cafe

Paper details:

We have been exploring issues 800 concerns about 0ow we die io America. For the most part our focus 08S been end-of-Iife care 800 treatment decisions.
Some Of our readings have discussed 0ow cenain decisions to8t surround our oe8to may oOt result io 8 9000 oe8to. lt iS oow time for US tO explore our owo
feelings about our mortality.

DiSCUSSiOo Questions:

We C800ot come together io real time 88 8 Cl8SS 8t 8 cafe 800 oroer coffee over which tO oiSCUSS our concerns, wonderings, fears, 800 plans regarding our
model COooitiOo, 800 our inevitable oe8to. Instead, we Will express our thoughts io toe oiSCUSSiOo board. Read the anicle by Wong 800 listen to the NPR
report. LOOK 8t the websites for “Kicking toe Bucket” 800 “Death Cafe.” This activity aligns Wito module outcome 3.

Woeo you toioK about your owo oe8to or the oe8to Of Ooe Of your family members or friends, wo8t 8re or have been the greatest fears 800 concerns?

At the eo0 Of the NPR story, it St8teS, “Ao0 88 the oe8to cafe movement expands – talking about everything from advanced care directives tO grieving rituals
it ends up being about oOt SO much 0oW we die but 0ow we live.” DO you agree or oOt’? Please explain. Are oe8to cafes really about 0ow we live? if 80
wo8t sgeciflc 8CtiOoS C80 you take oow tO have 8 9000 oe8to 800 to8t Will lead tO liViog life more fUlly’?