How does Shakespeare use the ‘unnatural’ or ‘supernatural’ to develop one key theme of the play, Macbeth? Be sure to state what theme the ″unnatural″ or ″supernatural″ develops and clearly explain. Show how the image/symbol of the blood-stained hands contributes to the character development of either Lady Macbeth or Macbeth. YDarkness and blackness are recurring images and motifs in Macbeth.Explain how darkness is used as a symbol in the play. 4. A tragic hero is a protagonist, usually of noble birth or high-standing, who brings about his own downfall by a choice brought on by a character flaw.Tragic heroes have several other common features: they undergo meaningful suffering, learn from their mistake somehow, and arouse pity or fear in the audience through their demise.Is Macbeth a tragic hero? Explain why or why not.