Macro-cycle Planning

The following are examples of plagiarism. This is not an exhaustive list.
X Copying of text word-for-word and/or no references provided at all.
X Lack of any in-text references, with or without a reference list at the end of the paper.
Within text referencing and/or references provided on the reference list, but not actually
used within the assignment
Copying any portion of another student’s assignment, or submitting an assignment that
you have previously submitted to a course including this course.
Value: Worth 10% of final grade
Purpose: The goal for this assignment is to allow students to get practical experience planning
and designing macrocycles for long-term athlete development.
Due Date:
The week of MARCH 25, 2019 at the START of your designated lab section. There will be a
ZERO tolerance for late assignments. Late assignments will NOT be accepted.
Assignment: Based on the following scenario, design a 16 week long macrocycle.
Part A: Designing a Macrocycle (20 marks)
Matt’s current one rep max in the squat is 315 lbs and he weighs 215 lbs. He would like to squat
a new one rep max of 330 lbs in 16 weeks. He would like to squat a minimum of 2x per week.

  1. Must include session volume, as well as total weekly volume.
  2. Must include session intensity, as well as average weekly intensity.
  3. Must be daily undulating within a microcycle.
  4. Must be organized into training phases (mesocycles), which should differ from one
    another, but build on the subsequent phase.
  5. Must demonstrate progressive overload.
  6. Must demonstrate realistic training loads.
  7. Must use Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet type software.
  8. There is no ONE way to program! Get creative!
    Part B: Analysis of Macrocycle (15 marks)
  9. If Matt feels like he cannot complete a training session because it is too difficult what
    will you do to adjust for this? If Matt feels like the sessions are too easy, what will you do
    to adjust for this?
  10. If Matt shows signs of overtraining, what will you do to adjust for this?
  11. What are some reasons that Matt may be overtraining?
  12. Would you include AMRAP style training for Matt? Why or why not?
  13. If you found that Matt was not on pace to hit a 1 rep max of 330 lbs, what would you do?