Top 10 magnet hospitals in the USA

  1. Mayo Clinic
  2. Cleveland Clinic in Ohio
  3. John Hopkins
  4. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  5. Massachusetts General Hospital
  6. UCSF Medical Center
  7. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
  8. Hackensack UMC
  9. Cedars Sinai
  10. Mt. Sinai Hospital

Choose one of the magnet hospitals listed and go to their website. Please include reference page:

  1. What patient programs are available? Do they have any areas of excellence like cardiology or oncology, for example?
  2. What kind type of incentives/benefits does the organization have to maintain employee engagement?
  3. What would attract a nurse to work for the organization?
  4. What is their vison and mission statement?
  5. What is shared governance and does the organization participate in shared governance or show evidence that they have shared governance?