Maintain possession game

Q1. Below are examples of games tactics. Which of the following represents a defensive tactic?
(a) Get the batter out
(b) Create space for quick passes
(c) Maintain possession
(d) Place shots to open space

Q2. In Striking and Fielding games, _.
(a) modifying the equipment is not essential for beginner players
(b) making a decision where to bat/hit the ball is a key defensive tactical strategy
(c) scoring more runs than the opposing team is a key objective to win the game
(d) playing in the actual dimension of the field is essential to train the tactical decision-making

Q3. You need to improve the games performance of your bowlers. Which of the following is the lesson focus related to your sport?
(a) Length of arm swing
(b) Making good pre-shot decisions and executing them
(c) Analyse the lane conditions and make appropriate adjustments
(d) All of the above

Q4. Which of the following statements about assessment is false?
(a) Task instructions should match coaches’ level of cognitive understanding
(b) Assessment should measure the performance objective(s) stated for the activity
(c) The same assessment technique should give rise to a different grade on different

(d) Summative assessment techniques occur at the end of an instructional unit and