Make a comparision of the two films by Xie Fei A GIRL FROM HUNAN (1986) and THE WOMAN FROM THE LAKE OF SCENTED SOUL focusing on the negative side of Confucianism–the root cause of Chinese women’s misery in feudal society or even later.

Make a comparision of the two films by Xie Fei A GIRL FROM HUNAN (1986) and THE WOMAN FROM THE LAKE OF SCENTED SOUL focusing on the negative side of Confucianism–the root cause of Chinese women’s misery in feudal society or even later.

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Please see the attached documents for helping understand the requirements of Analize the film.

1) In English only, 4 full pages (A4, font 12, double space, not including the citation page). A paper less than 4 full pages or more than 5 pages (also not including the citation page) is not acceptable;
2)Use Word document standard margins: 1 inch at the top and bottom of the page and 1 ¼ inch from the left and right hand sides of the page.?
3)Quality, not quantity, is stressed;
4)It’s a short essay. Don’t try to make a comprehensive analysis. Concentrate on one or two points and elaborate;
5)Only neatly printed papers are acceptable;
6)At least one citation is required though more are encouraged. Use MLA Style in Citation (for details, see Attachment). You must also include a work citation page (see also the same Attachmment) at the end of your paper. Acceptable sources include academic journals or books. Websites such as wikipedia, though rich in information, are not considered academic, therefore not acceptable sources;
7)Students are encouraged to read relevant academice books or articles for references or sources of citation, but plagiarism is not tolerated;
8)On the cover page, print clearly in order of : a) name of your chosen topic; b) name of student (also Chinese characters if applicable); c) student number; d) course name; e) name of course instructor; f) date of submitting the paper (day/month/year).

Topics and Requirements for Written Paper

Read the Topics and Requirements very carefully before sending, for further explanation or clarification because, I presume, most of your possible questions should have been answered in the assignment sheets attached.

I’ve attached an article “Some General Advice on Academic Essay-Writing,” Besides, I’ve attached two midterm papers by my former students for your reference only.

The academic article on Yellow Earth (see attachment), though long, is worth spending time to read it. The article by Roger Ebert, a famous American film critic, about King of Masks (see attachment) is only a film review and the other short article about The Women from the Lake of Scented Soul (see attachment) is also a film review, both of which cannot be regarded as academic essays.

This Term comes directly to the 4th and 5th generations of Chinese filmmakers, which are the focus for the Term, especially the 5th generation.

The films I’ve chosen for the Term are all art films. An art film is a type of film produced not for the commercial market or entertainment purpose, but for artistic or authorial expression. However, an art film may be accessible to a general, educated audience without going to the extreme of formal abstraction or stylistic innovation. Films to be screened in class such as made by Zhang Yimou during the Term are art films, which enjoy both artistic value and commercial success.

Regarding the mid-term paper, I’d like to stress the following points:

1. You should use at least one academic citation for your paper. Using one source very well is better than using two poorly though using more citations are encouraged.
2. Do not let the citations make your point, have them support it. The bulk of your paper should be your own words and ideas. For critiques cite sources on film theory, etc to support the statements you make. For an analysis/argumentative paper cite sources that deal with the topics in your paper.
3. Do not write a summary or review of a film. Make an academic analysis. Support every argument or statement you make with several examples from the movie scenes or shots.
4. Avoid making general comments: things like “it’s a good and moving film,” “the film is instructive and well received,” “the actors give a good performance,” etc. Writings such as these in your paper will lower its value. Be specific and substantial.
5. Avoid making grammatical mistakes in your paper. Proof-read your essay at least twice to find out the mistakes before submitting your paper in class.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended that you read at least one example of an academic analysis of film(s) provided or of your own choice before starting to write your paper.

All Recommended Books liste
1) Perspectives on Chinese Cinema (edited by Chris Berry, 1991)

2) Chinese Cinema: culture and politics since 1949 (by Paul Clark, 1987)

3) Chinese film: the state of the art in the People’s Republic (edited by George Stephen Semsel, 1987)

4) Dianying – an account of films and the film audience in China (By Jay Leyda, 1972)