Making a can of Coke Unfamiliar

• What’s in it? Where in the world did the ingredients come from? • Who made it? What is their life like? • What’s the impact of Coke on the local community where it is produced? Where it is consumed? • What is the relationship of the people in Plachimada to a can of Coke? Do they drink it? Do they work in the factory that makes it? How much do they earn? How much has the Coca-Cola factory changed their lives? Has it affected people in the community differently based on age, gender, or class? • What actions did the people of Plachimada take to protest problems caused by the factory? Were they successful? • What do you pay for a twelve-ounce can? What are the real social costs of producing a can of Coke — in terms of water, power systems, sewage treatment, pollution, garbage disposal, and roads for transportation? Who pays for them? • What is the environmental impact of making a can of Coke, considering what it takes to grow and process ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup and the quantity of water required to produce the finished product? B