Making a Community Needs Assesment

Write 2-3 paragraphs comparing and analyzing your city or county data with US data (or your country).

State the health issue you are choosing for your population health initiative

Explain why you chose this health issue

Describe your chosen population. Be specific by providing demographics to fully explain your population (provide two – three sentences to explain why these demographics are important):

List and describe three objectives you hope to accomplish with your initiative (one sentence for each objective). Use the SMART topics as a guide. (SMART – specific, measureable, actionable, reasonable, time bound)

Describe two – three activities you will use to accomplish each of these objectives (one – two sentences for each activity).
Directions: Write the activity on the line by the number and then use space underneath the number to provide specific discussion. Please be specific in describing the activity. For example, if you want to have a 10 K race, state details about the event.