Making a Web Page


follow these instructions
Please do the Lab (Design Your Home Page) located at the end of Unit 4 in your textbook. You will be creating your own web page by working with HTML and following the instructions in the Lab Assignment Exercises (# 1 through 10).

Please use Notepad++ as your web page editing environment which is freely available and downloadable online. (If you are using a MAC, consider using Text-Edit). You are NOT allowed to use a web editor that automatically generates the HTML code for you! If you do so, your lab submission will not count.

For a windows-based OS, you can download and use Notepad++ by going to:

I have attached a “help file” that may be of help to you as you follow the HTML Lab Exercises in the text. (See attachment “Building the WebPage for Lab 2” below.)

For the CSS questions (see #8 and 9), and easy way to handle this is to directly embed the CSS code into the head section of your html document. This is referred to as an ‘Embedded Style Sheet’. For example, the following code (see CSS code in red below) could be embedded into the head section of your HTML code as follows:

Jane Doe

Lab Submission Requirements:

You need to send the 3 things listed below:

1) Please attach the html file that you created.

2) Please copy and paste the HTML source code with the CSS that you generated into a separate text document and send that (as I need to be able to see your ACTUAL HTML and CSS code).

3) Attach a Screen Capture of your actual web page as displayed in your web browser. (Instructions on how to do a Screen Capture are located in the Academic Resources folder, but will differ slightly from PC to PC depending on your Operating System and whether you are using a Windows PC or a Mac.)

The link to the textbook is

The chapter is chapter 4/ unit 4
log in- [email protected]
password; Georgia2021$