Making decisions



Making decisions as a group can be very challenging- it can lead to conflict and take
up huge amounts of time, and often it is difficult to come to an agreement- Fortunately,
several different techniques have been developed to overcome some of these
difficulties- No one technique is considered the best for all situations, as all of the
techniques have advantages and disadvantages-

For this assignment, first thoroughly review the background readings and pay close
attention to three group decision-making processes-the Delphi technique,
brainstorming, and the Nominal Group Technique- Pay close attention to the
discussion of these methods in the assigned readings, particularly Braintools
(Brainstorming), CDC (Nominal Group Technique) and Haughey (Delphi)-

Below are three different scenarios- For each scenario, explain which group decision-
making technique you would choose out of brainstorming, nominal group, or Delphi-
Justify you answer with references from the required background materials- You
paper should be 3 pages in length:

The company you work for is in crisis- Several new competitors have been rapidly
growing and taking away you customers. You company’s sales are steadily
cropping- You and the rest of the top management team know that creative new
strategies are needed in order to keep up with the new competitors- Nobody is sue
what needs to be done, but it is clear something dastic and original needs to happen
in order to keep the company afloat- The top management team members are all
extroverts who are not afraid to speak up at meetings, but they are often prone to
conventional thinking- Which group decision-making technique do you recommend?
Explain you reasoning, using the background readings to support you answer-

You company is facing cost overruns and needs solutions on how best to cut costs-
The top management team includes both introverts and extroverts, with the extroverts
usually dominating the conversation at meetings- Futhermore, meetings with this
group often go off the agenda and Gift into tangential subjects- A quick decision
needs be made with input from all members of the team- Which group decision-