Manage and promote diversity

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Manage and promote diversity

Question 1
Define culture awareness, culture safety and culture competence. How do these impacts on leadership and management practice?

Question 2
Define, in a short paragraph, diversity

Question 3
List at least 10 of the diverse characteristics of people that might be encountered in the modern workplace.

Question 4
How can leaders and managers encourage acceptance of diversity in work practices and service delivery?

Question 5
Why is important to suspend your own culture assumptions when working with colleagues and client from diverse backgrounds?

Question 6
List at least eight legal and ethical considerations (international, national, state / territory, local) for diversity practices at a management level.

Question 7
List 10 benefits of a diverse workforce.

Question 8
What id direct and what is indirect discrimination? Give at least four examples of each

Question 9
How can you ensure that all clients have access to effective and equitable activities? Give at least six examples

Question 10
What are eight possible barriers to inclusivity that could be encountered in community service providing organisations?

Question 11
Suggest 10 cross-culture communication strategies that might be valuable in a community service facility.

Question 12
What are the principles and practices that support inclusivity and what types of planning and work practice support acceptance and acknowledgement of diversity?

Question 13
Explain how you would analyse workplace practice to determine whether it matches workplace objectives.

2.Research paper on the influence of Pharmaceutical corporations in health care policies.

Write a research paper on the influence of Pharmaceutical corporations in health care policies.