Manage Human Resource Services



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You are a HR manager for a bank. You have been asked to manage the development and delivery of HR services in one area. Complete the tasks using information gathered from your own research and knowledge you have obtained during your study.

Outline your ideas in a report to submit to your trainer/ assessor via negotiated method.

1. Choose either the delivery of HR client services or recruitment services. Provide a description of your chosen service area, including a list of services which can be delivered in that area and the aims or purpose of your chosen service area.


2. Explain how the bank’s strategic and operational plans would be used to develop and manage human resources services.


3. Explain how what is happening in the external business environment might affect the development and management of human resources services.


4. Explain how you would manage diversity.


5. Develop a client needs assessment form which could be distributed to line managers to identify their needs in your chosen HR service area.


6. Describe the requirements of legislation which applies in your chosen area and explain how you can ensure those requirements are met.


7. Develop a service agreement for the delivery of human resources services in your chosen area.


8. Develop an action plan/ strategic plan that could be used to implement HR services in your chosen area.


9. Develop a set of quality assurance standards that might be used to monitor the delivery of human resources services. What would you do if it were determined that quality standards were not being met?

10. Explain how you would calculate the ROI of providing human resource services.


11. Create a written survey that could be used to collect feedback from clients about their satisfaction with the services in your chosen area. (Use business technology if possible. If not, explain how business technology could have helped to make the process more efficient and how it could have assisted in the information management and planning process.) Explain how you would use this feedback.


12. Describe the ethical obligations relating to your chosen service area which HR managers should observe.