Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes

Read the 2015 Dandenong Health care recruitment, selection and induction policy • Critically analyse the new/revised 2015 Dandenong Health care recruitment, selection and induction policy and compare it with the existing 2012 recruitment & selection guidelines. • Identify the areas for each procedure which require updating and write a report listing recommendations for revising key areas of the existing 2012 guidelines The areas of revision would include the points which are either contrary to 2015 policy, outdated compared to current research and practice and don’t comply with current legislations •  another office in Adelaide. Part of their HR plan is to employ 150 workers in three stages. Dandenong Health Care strategic and organisation plan is to provide: • the best qualified and trained human resources available for clients • up-to-date technology in all services for both clients and staff • Modelling best practices and using state of art facilities in a competitive environment. Key tenets of our recruitment and selection policy are: • Departmental managers will assume major responsibility for the recruitment and selection of staff, the training of required personnel and supporting documentation • HR department will support managers in this role • timeframe for recruitment and selection will be 4 weeks maximum • position analysis followed by job description will be conducted on all vacant or new positions with the assistance of HR personnel • all vacant and new positions will be advertised internally and externally for ten working days unless special exemptions apply and be advertised online on and in leading national newspaper, Morning Herald for at least 3 weeks, once a week. • special exemptions to internal recruitment must be approved by the general manager • all external applications which are not shortlisted in the initial process need to be notified via email before the end of the selection process • all interviews must be conducted by a trained selection panel consisting of at least 3 members, with one HR person • selection of staff is subject to reference checks conducted by the departmental manager • Dandenong hospital is an equal opportunity employer Dandenong Health care 2012 recruitment and selection guidelines Policy statement: Dandenong Health care is an organisation that seeks to employ the best possible aged care professionals. It is an equal opportunity employer. Purpose: The purpose of the recruitment and selection process is to ensure that Dandenong Health care has the best possible human resources available to effectively provide its service. Dandenong Health care recruitment and selection process has been developed in line with organisational strategies, relevant legislation and best practice recruitment. Recruitment and selection process The recruitment and selection process involves the following procedures: 1. position analysis 2. position description 3. advertisement 4. short-list 5. interview preparation 6. interview applicant 7. reference check 8. job offer 1. Analyse the vacant position When a position becomes vacant it is important to analyse the position to determine whether it is still required. Department Manager Estimated timeframe: 2 days When a position becomes vacant the following procedure must be completed. Procedure 1. Manager notifies HR about vacant position and requests ‘permission for position form’. 2. Manager completes their section of ‘permission to recruit form’ stating reasons why position needs to be filled and submits it to HR department. 3. Position needs analysis conducted by HR department who then completes rest of ‘permission to recruit form’. Note: HR may need to question manager about position. 4. Completed ‘permission to recruit form’ to be approved by senior management. 5. Once permission is obtained then HR department explore implications, options, legislative and award requirements.