Manageing People Performance

Question 1.
a. Describe to the team the relationship between strategic, operational, team and individual plans.
b. Also explain the five important things that you would consider in an employee while allocating the work.

Question 2.
a. The team members seem to have no idea about what is expected of them in their job. They also have a poor opinion about how their performance has been managed in the past. You decide to have a team meeting to discuss the changes you are proposing to introduce.
• Explain to the team what key result areas / critical success factors are;
• How these influence the choice of key performance indicators/ standards; and why these are written using SMART principles.
• An example of key performance indication or performance standard related to their job

b. Justify to the team why documentation is so important in a performance management system and explain the risks in not effectively managing this type of information.

Question 3
Formal and informal feedback has not been provided to the team in the past. Individual team members are critical of the lack of direction in their job and in their career with the company.
a. List the two ways in which formal feedback and informal feedback can be given to individuals
b. Explain how you as a manger can motivate staff through this formal appraisal of performance and how informal feedback can help staff in achieving their goals.

c. List four different ways in which you could reward and recognise the performance of individuals also include the advantages of on-the job coaching in to improve performance and to confirm excellence in performance

Question 4.
You recognise that to encourage continuous improvement within the team, especially for individuals who are not performing well, you need performance improvement and development plans for all team members.
a. Produce a personal development / improvement plan (PDP) for an individual who is having difficulty with meeting deadlines.
Below format can be used to develop a PDP plan:
Identified gap Development activity Details
(Provider, location, etc.) Objective of development activity Timeframe Cost

b. Explain how you will monitor the effectiveness of this plan.

c. If the individual’s performance does not improve and performance continues to decline, what other actions will you take to help improve the performance?


Question 5. )
If some individuals continue to perform below expectations you may be faced with the situation of terminating their employment.
a. Explain the benefits of being proactive in managing unsatisfactory performance.
b. Describe the steps you should take to ensure that, if termination of employment is necessary, this happens in accordance with organisational and legal requirements.